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If normal rendering is not the choice for your home:

There are a number of options available to give your home a traditional brickwork or stone work facade

If your preference is to have a brick work finish to your ICF property this is easily achieved by building the brickwork skin up against the ICF. It is advisable to leave a 10mm gap between the brick work and the ICF to allow for any discrepancies in the brick sizes or any undulations that may inadvertently be in the wall.

Mechanical fixings to tie in the cladding material

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Ties can either be inserted into the wet concrete whilst the wall is being poured or fixed after the concrete has set using a proprietary fixing such as "Furfix" or similar. Care should be taken to set the ties at the appropriate centres for brickwork. The same procedure can be followed to construct a stonework façade however a steel mesh such as "expamet" should be used instead of ties.

Brick slips

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In situations where there is limited space available the walls can be finished off using "brick slips". These are slithers of brick that are glued to the external wall of the ICF in order to give the appearance of a solid brick wall

In all of the above cases, consideration should be given to the coursing of the brickwork or stone to ensure that it meets the desired head height of the windows and doors. Care should also be taken to ensure that the correct widths are obtained. Special attention should be paid to the area around the reveals of each aperture. It is advisable to consult with your door and window provider to determine drill depth and fixing points of each unit.