Energy Performance Certificate

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(EPCs) are part of the HIPs (Home Informations Packs) from August 2007 and needed to determine the A to G Scale for each building. How is the rating for buildings with ICF/PIF/Styrostones?

The certificate uses a scale from A to G to define the impact a home has on the environment and on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The average property in the UK is in band D or E for both ratings. It is increasingly becoming a pre requisite of most local planning authorities that any new dwellings achieve a minimum of code 3 for sustainable homes to gain full planning permission.

For getting a rating, amongst others the following points will have to be checked:

  • shell insulation including, foundation, walls and roof

  • R-value of windows, doors etc.

  • thermal bridges (thermography)

  • ventilation systems

  • air tightness (blower door test)

Using ICF/PIF/Styrostones will assist you very much in achieving your goals for energy saving and a better rating than traditional homes, actually, they are a precondition for best insulated walls by just keeping them as thin as possible.