Cost of your house

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Your mortgage advisor will quote a figure of £100K, £200K or £5000K as affordable.
THIS IS WRONG! because this is not all you will probably be financing!
The cost is your monthly mortgage, maintenance and heating!

The majority of people will not have £100K, £200K or £500K cash available in their pocket. They will need a mortgage to fund the project!

That means that the mortgage advisor will give you an affordable figure for your investment. However this is not the real cost or the real price for your home!

The cost consists of:

    * interest
    * amortisation
    * Fuel bills
    * council tax/rates
    * maintenance costs

The cost for an ICF/PIF/Styrostone house is usually lower than for a traditional house. If you want to calculate for yourself, please click here

In many cases even the original investment figure is equal or less, see for yourself