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Concrete is one of the most robust construction materials however it may require reinforcement

UK and Ireland: Little reinforcement necessary

Although concrete can withstand pressure, it is of limited strength when subject to traction or bending forces. For this reason reinforcement steel is introduced within the concrete frame work. Usually in the UK that is only necessary in lintels, ring beams and basements.

6 storeys and prepared for Richter 7

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Once suitably reinforced the possibilities are only limited by the designers imagination! There are already 6 storey buildings that have been constructed with 150mm concrete core. They are designed to withstand an earthquake up to Richter 7.

These insulated concrete shell structures are becoming more popular in an age where buildings are being targeted for terrorist attack.

Basements mostly need reinforcement

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This modern method of construction also lends itself perfectly to the construction of basements. In an age where land is becoming increasingly valuable, the astute builder will optimise the building plot to produce the maximum amount of built living space possible.

Check for approvals!

Some shuttering systems as Styrostones, PIF or ICF have gained LABC (local authority building control) system approval. This means that all building regulations have been pre approved. However this will apply to houses being built within the parameters of the system. Any variations outside of these parameters will need to be approved. When building basements or multi storey buildings it will be necessary to engage the services of a structural engineer. He will design the appropriate reinforcing to distribute throughout the concrete structure.