ICF,PIF oder Styro

Radius walls/arcs

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Radius walls and arcs can be a very appealing visual architectural feature.

Easy to form with a handsaw

It is possible to construct curved walls using ICF/PIF/Styrostones

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Cutting wedges in the exterior board permits the stone to bend to a pre determined diameter of your choice.

Certain limits will apply. Usually this is possible down to a diameter of 2,5m.

The problem remaining

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How to get furniture designed that will fit on to a curved wall? You will probably have to employ a cabinetmaker to get custom made furniture.

The alternative: bay-stones

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baystones allow you to construct an octagonal shape that will almost fulfil the same task aesthetically as a curved wall. Furniture that will fit into bays can easily be located.

Forming heads to the windows with an arch is a simple task using this shuttering system from styrofoam. It can be cut with a simple handsaw.