Protection for your valuables

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You need to think about the best methods to protect your valuables without too much fuss. Good planning and installing a wall deposit box is a very economic way of doing that.

When constructing your Insulated concrete home it is worth considering installing a safe deposit box into the poured concrete wall. The concrete surround gives ample protection for your valuables!.

Even if you do not store cash or other valuables in your house: A wall safe serves you well in safeguarding your most important documents (e.g. insurance-policies) in a central location of your house.

Most wall safes have a comparatively high level of security in case of fire. They can be purchased for prices from £100-£150 in most construction stores.

It makes sense to install the wall safe during construction. The formwork with styro stones is easily cut to shape, the safe is put in and suitably propped. During the concrete pour it is advisable protect the door-side of your wall safe with a polythene membrane. After concreting the wall safe will be very secure and the installation was virtually free of charge.