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A typical stone weighs approx. 1kg. It really is child's play to build using this system.

Just like Lego.

No more back injuries

The system eliminates any heavy lifting from the shell construction phase of the project. Risk of back injuries are dramatically reduced. Many projects become a family affair with the wife and children mucking in with the wall construction.

Perfectly suited for DIY

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Come rain or shine the project can progress. Even in winter months. As long as the concrete supplier can batch and deliver, once pumped into the formwork the concrete is protected by the thermal envelope of the system .

It is simply a case of following the floor plan layout according to your architects drawings. Place any reinforcement steel as per the detailing provided by structural engineer and fill with concrete. Structural calculations are normally required if a basement is to be incorporated in the build or for retaining walls. Most reputable systems will provide a standard table of design for lintels above door and window openings.

With professional assistance, the shell of your new home could be constructed during your vacation.

Fantastic for self builders!